Buddy System

What is the UWC Buddy Program?

When onboarding to UWC is well executed, it sets the foundation for long-term success. We don’t only want to give a new coach to the UWC a pile of forms to fill in and use for coaching, we want to provide something substantial that will set all up for success and create a sustainable long-term relationship with UWC.

Our aim for this buddy system is to provide a reliable, motivated, ongoing, single point of contact for questions regarding work processes. This socialization and support can make an enormous, positive difference in early performance, and long-term retention. The reward for the buddy is an expanded network, a fresh perspective and enhanced leadership skills.

A buddy of UWC  is someone who partners with a newly starting coach during his or her first few months of starting with the pro bono coaching. He or she is a colleague UWC-coach assigned to assist the newly starting coach to get through the first time period of being in this new position.

The buddy provides insight into the activities of UWC and is there to help the newly starting coach to onboard more efficiently. A buddy will aim to make him or herself available to give the newly starting coach all the information that is needed for a successful start. The buddy will share with the new coach where to find everything, how the process works and go over procedures and policies. In essence, the buddy helps the newly starting coach become familiar with UWC’s inner workings and culture.


Requesting a UWC Buddy

If you are a new UWC coach, and would like to request a buddy to work with you, please reach out to info@unitedworldcoaches.org .

Becoming a UWC Buddy

Ideally, a buddy is a great communicator who can easily provide information and encourage the new UWC coach to express their thoughts and concerns in a safe setting.

Buddies should have the skills and knowledge to perform the following types of tasks:

  • Sharing insights on how things are done in UWC;
  • Sharing information and documents needed for the coaching;
  • Encouraging the new UWC coach to become an active member of UWC’s Facebook-group and to share experiences (respecting confidentiality), tips, best practices.

A buddy should be aligned to UWC’s values and be familiar enough with the formal and informal organisational structures to be a reliable source of information. An appropriate buddy will possess a positive outlook on UWC and be able to use their perspective to encourage a sense of pride in the new UWC Coach.

What the Buddy Expects From the New UWC Coach?

  • Will be available
  • Will be open and honest
  • Will be pro-active in expressing what he or she needs
  • Will provide feedback when appropriate on how to improve the UWC offering

Roles, Responsibilities and Time Commitment of the Buddy Program

Roles and responsibilities

  • The newly starting coach contacts with his or her assigned buddy to set up a meet and greet through zoom or another medium with the their buddy as soon as possible after they receive an e-mail with the information of their buddy
  • During this first call you are both responsible of designing the relationship between the two of you (buddy and newly starting coach)
  • In the first meeting the buddy should cover at least the topics on the buddy-checklist with the new UWC-coach (Buddy Checklist)
  • The new UWC-coach is pro-active in asking what he or she needs and good prepared before meetings
  • The buddy acts as an informational resource on policies and procedures
  • The buddy helps socialize the newly starting coach to UWC’s guidelines, values and resources
  • The buddy and/or new UWC-coach share knowledge and experiences (with respect of confidentiality) retrieved from their cooperation in the Facebook-group
  • The buddy answers questions and when he or she doesn’t know the answer gets in touch with UWC by e-mail to find the answer and communicate with the newly starting coach
  • When appropriate the buddy can make introductions
  • Evaluate and debrief: aimed at improving the buddy-system the buddy will sent  a short questionnaire at the end of the formal relationship to the new UWC-coach, who will fill it in and sent it back as soon as possible

Time Commitment

The Buddy Program is optional and the relationship is open based on both Buddy and new UWC Coach being naturally, creative, resourceful and whole. They will design what their relationship will look like together. For example:

  • Buddy and newly starting coach can determine the frequency of meetings, i.e, meet at least 2 times for 30 minutes over the course of the engagement.
  • Call/email questions, as needed. Design acceptable perimeters.

How to Sign Up

If you would like to become a buddy please send an email to info@unitedworldcoaches.org  

If It Does Not Work Out 🙁

Sometimes the personal chemistry just doesn’t work out. This is a sensitive topic of course, but if it doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to push yourself.  Just contact us at info@unitedworldcoaches.org  and we will find a solution.